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Donation 200,000 RMB Alzheimer's Disease test reagents in Nov 2023

Donation 200,000 RMB Alzheimer's Disease test reagents in Nov 2023


Hoyotek Biomedical co., LTD is "the development of life science, global services company" for the mission of the company, the company founder, graduated from China academy of sciences, xiamen university, there are more than 15 years experience, diagnostic reagents company striver on, in order to human health as the vision, that become the owner of the company adhere to the struggle of workers, the pursuit of the company and employees common development, the pursuit of appropriate profit. Hoyotek Biomedical co., LTD is mainly engaged in immune magnetic particles acridine esterification glow, POCT, molecular diagnostic medical diagnostic reagents such as research and development, production, sales, mainly to carry out the tumor early screening, early alzheimer's screen, respiratory disease, intestinal disease, parasitic disease check project, do the industry differentiation, innovative projects; Another company to carry out innovation in the field of Internet home testing, service family health. The reagent research and development center of the company is set up in Beijing, the production base is built in Tianjin Airport Free Trade zone, the company covers an area of nearly 2000 square meters.

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